Security Services

The protection provided can be as high profile or discreet as you require keeping people, property and assets safe against physical attack. Bayley Consultants is a close-knit team of highly skilled and extremely astute Operators, we pride ourselves on delivering a service based on dependability and integrity.

The team are individually selected for their operational expertise and specialist skill set, offering an individual protection officer or full teams to suit your security requirements. Each member of the team is well educated, emergency medic certified and has operated internationally and been tested under great pressure. Our skills are combined to provide clients with the reassurance and discreet protection they need to conduct their business and live comfortably in potentially dangerous and uncertain environments.

Special Projects

Whatever the situation or requirement, using innovative security measures the team are able to provide a discreet and effective service to achieve the bespoke solution that you need.

Our Operators are results driven and have the experience, skills and technical capability to undertake a wide spectrum of deployments. During the consulting process, we will listen to your requirements and assess your protection needs so that we can go on to provide an effective security solution that will enhance business and leisure activities.